Group 2 | The Challenges for Funding Bodies , Content Owners, Schools, Institutions and Volunteers

Funding Bodies:

  • No guarantees of success – risky thing to fund as there’s no guarantee that the public will interact
  • There are many external factors that could influence public participation
  • Can be very difficult to know how much money to award
  • Funding a project relies upon a deliverable, one that is sustainable

Content/story owners/originators:

  • Potential breach of privacy
  • Uncertainly over how content may be used or appropriated by a project
  • Loss of ownership ¬†– the importance of the brand, that their contribution will be rewarded and appropriately acknowledged

School, educational institutes:

  • Unpredictability – for teachers who depend on a digital project for lesson planning, unforeseen consequences such as server outages, lack of new data, or breakdown in communication with the project staff, can have a dire impact
  • Anonymity for younger participants must take precedence over participant acknowledgment
  • Data protection – making the data protection officer aware of the information stored by the project
  • Where is the data stored and is it safe?
  • Access to the required technology – eg. pcs, laptops, etc
  • Shared resources – subscription or paywall issues in Third Level

Collecting institutions / repositories:

  • Issue of control, ownership
    • Issue of duplicates and copies, copyright control
    • Dissemination of legal copies without appropriate attribution
  • Challenge for institutions to engage with the wider public rather than a controlled group / challenges of dealing with the public as a partner in making your material available


  • Fear of making a mistake or doing the wrong thing / culpability
  • Competitive element to project may put off user engagement
  • Volunteer sense of purpose may be out of focus with that of the project
    • Leads to Volunteer frustration
  • Privacy – volunteers may not know what their information will be used for
  • Volunteers need to be made aware that their contributions will be used / their work is valid
  • Clear communications must be maintained with the public to allay their fears

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