Group 4 Summary of Agents: Challenges

Data Visualizers

  • standards
  • output ends up in different location (not necessarily connected to participatory engagement activity)
  • source collection and volunteers aren’t always credited within presentation of data visualization output
  • “wow factor” of data visualization can overshadow the original participatory engagement activity

Web developers

  • understanding needs of project
  • communication
  • slightly different goal (focusing on coding of tool, not overall goal of the project)
  • host institution might not have opportunity to revisit design/code
  • continuity might not be possible if web development is project funded (not supported by ongoing in-house team)
  • data loss (software and tools become obsolete)

Expert in semantic technologies

  • data quality gap (whether content from volunteers meets starting/baseline standards)
  • data wrangling required to meet standards of semantic technologies


Dialect speakers

  • Linguistic
  • Very focused group (host institution might have to put in significant effort on tools)
  • Difficulty or disconnect between finding and matching the content for the dialect speakers

Digital natives, millennials

  • Does the content match with their interests
  • Does the activity work well on a phone ? ¬†(Devices)
  • Project might be pulled to devote resources on user interface for millennials
  • Possibility of over-estimating the skills of digital natives

Small archives

  • Limited resources to implement, supervise and sustain the project
  • For this institution, possibly difficult to find active volunteers for participatory engagement

Whole community

  • Communicate with the whole community
  • Prioritize all the needs of the whole community
  • Serve needs of different components of the community
  • Customization of sources and projects to different members of the whole community


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