Technical Resources Required for a Successful P.E. Project

What are the technical requirements of a P.E. project?

Hardware & Software

A project needs to be aware of the kinds of hardware and software it will need. At one level, a project has to consider the devices and software packages required to develop the project, but also the devices and software platforms on which the project will be used (i.e. what the intended users already own)

A project has to consider the material that it will present. If it is already digitised, it has to be uploaded to the system; if it is not, the project will require digitising systems to transform the objects.

N.B. If there is an existing service, only devices are required.

Requirements (software)

[software requirements will determine hardware]

It is important for a project to know what its requirements are. This is divided into two broad categories:

Use existing software packages/services

Open source

Financial implications

Limits of service/package (how well can they be extended/tailored?)

Develop own software

Need for GOOD documentation

Sticking to standards

Data model that suits the requirements of the project

Software (and data) should be reusable

Software should be scalable (adding new features/handling increasing content/handling traffic)

Shared development language



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