Benefits of ParEng in DH

The ideas listed for benefits consist of the following:

  • Content refreshment + renewal
  • Lots of fun
  • Reinforcement of the importance of the humanities in the public sphere
  • User engagement
  • Politically important: justify funding for the humanities
  • Audience development
  • Unexpected discoveries
  • It’s fun ! (or it should be !)
  • Networking beyond the “traditional” scientific community
  • Wider reach of collections
  • Social literacy of researchers
  • Scientific literacy of participants / citizens
  • Corrections between institutions and volunteers
  • Exciting to bring research to new audiences
  • Encounters with primary sources (education  across age groups (adults, too)
  • Immersion in own culture
  • Discovering less known
  • More quickly and  wider spreading of information
  • Important to provide opportunities for the public to use their creative capital
  • Spreading collaborative models and potential to tie together “our” diverse content in a meaningful way
  • Providing tools to help people create or explore their own meanings (empower public discovery)
  • Community Building
  • Create new vocation for science
  • Involve our peers (academies, teachers, archivists, etc.) in longer research projects
  • Value for money: funders, does public engagement help or hinder?

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