Group 3 | Benefits & Agents

Software development companies 

  • Access to new data
  • New working opportunities
  • PR
  • Ideas from experimental projects in CH and academia

Aggregating Institutions

  • Reusability of data
  • Collecting structured data
  • Fosters partnerships
  • Shared standards
  • Sharable policies and Procedures


  • Working with peers but also stakeholders
  • Using a medium they are (apparently) comfortable with
  • Valuing humanities
  • Learning from primary sources (also being critical of sources)
  • Learning methodological approaches
  • Cross disciplinary learning

Disadvantages Communities 

  • Universal design + accessibility
  • Being represented
  • Participating in their own representations (agency)
  • Social justice
  • Financial implications of access (economically disadvantaged)

Institutional mediators

  • Self organised content creation
  • Contact with new leaders
  • Space for encouraging dialogue

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