Group 2 | The Benefits for Funding Bodies , Content Owners, Schools, Institutions and Volunteers

  • Funding bodies
    • Projects that gain participation from the public are also projects that attract publicity  – and therefore funding bodies
    • Centenaries  / anniversaries provide media coverage
  • Content/story owners/originators
    • Benefit from the anniversary program, or access to materials previously unavailable – eg. census data,  government records, gives voice to those who previously were unheard
    • Resources – gives a global platform to story owners
  • Collecting institutions
    • Online research resources based on their holdings
    • Access –
    • Scholarly communication


    • JR – volunteers benefit from personal investment in the topic
    • Sense of accomplishment
    • There is a sense of ownership in the understanding of history
      • Discovery Process
      • Empowerment
      • Direct contact with primary sources
    • Adam –
    • NR – Volunteers act as their own curator?
      • Competition
    • New skills


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